"There are many things that a dancer has to contend with. They have to remember the steps, perfect the technique, respond to the music and they have to perform. One of the things they don’t want to have to worry about is the floor they are dancing on, and they know that with Harlequin they will be secure. The flooring has to be appropriate for all types of genre. You look at value for money, but it’s the care and attention that Harlequin as an organisation gives to the Royal Academy of Dance that is one of the many reasons for choosing a Harlequin floor". “舞者必须应对的事情有很多。他们必须记住舞步,完善技巧,对音乐做出反应,然后才能进行表演。他们不想担心的事情之一就是地板,他们知道有了 Harlequin,他们会很安全。地板必须适合所有舞蹈类型。Harlequin 作為一个组织给予英国皇家舞蹈学院关心和关注 ,这是选择 Harlequin 地板的眾多原因之一”。
Lynn Wallis 前英国皇家舞蹈学院艺术总监